Russian Orthodox Parochial School

At Holy Transfiguration Church

Our program began as a partnership of a passionate parent and a gifted teacher and has since started a movement.


We believe that children should be raised with the spiritual and moral principles of Christianity in addition to Russian language and cultural heritage.


It is one of the best schools of the old world culture in Los Angeles. It is one of the few schools with teachers who are certified and have long-term experience in teaching Russian to children


We offer a research-based curriculum, integrating Christian values and culture into all subjects


Our school reflects the values and traditions of Orthodox Christianity, which are based on love, mercy, forgiveness, humility, patience and respect. These values are instilled in our students by their teachers and supported by parents.

About Us

Russian Orthodox School

The Russian Orthodox School at the Transfiguration Cathedral in Los Angeles has an expansive campus with newly renovated classrooms, a gymnasium, a library, and a cafeteria.

We offer a variety of courses, from language arts to mathematics to science. Our teachers aren’t just educators – they’re mentors! Our school offers high-quality programs that can prepare your child for post-secondary education. We are proud to be the only Russian school in California, and we work hard every day to ensure that our students are prepared for the future.


Our Faculty Programs

Are you looking for beginner, intermediate, or advanced level Russian courses? Visit our website today to find out more about our Faculty Programs. From semesters, summer sessions, and more- we have a wide range of flexible academic opportunities for learners of all levels.

Russian Laguage

A special Russian language training program will be rich and productive, regardless of the level of your knowledge of the Russian language.

Russian Grammar

By taking a Russian grammar course you will immerse yourself in a deep knowledge of Russian literature and poetry.

Music Classes

Weekly singing classes in Russian and systematic mini-concerts of our students will give a better understanding of Russian culture.

Biblical Classes

Our students study the Word of God through biblical principles and values each week in our Bible classes.


Our Great Vision & Mission

Do you want to improve your Russian? Graduate from the Russian Orthodox School, the first and only Russian school in Los Angeles, California.

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Access to education for kids.


Explore the unknown


Communication skills


Personal life management


What Our Student Say About Us

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